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Saint Raymond Nonnatus Patron Saint of Expectant Mother's and the Family

Pray for us St. Raymond that we may lead a holy life focused on Faith in family.




As a means of continuing to give specific expression to the Mercedarian’s redemptive charism, the Order dedicated several years of prayer and dialogue during their formation assemblies.  Through the grace of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of St. Raymond Nonnatus, it was recognized the breakdown of the family as the major source of spiritual erosion in our day and time. The fruit of their discernment led to the establishment of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family and Faith.



Our initial mission and ministry is to reach out and accompany individuals, children and families wounded by divorce and help them sustain (or reconcile) their redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.  Ultimately, we envision a family life outreach ministry that offers supportive, educational and spiritual programs/resources across the life span.


The overall goal of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family and Faith is to promote family life, according to Catholic moral principles under the patronage of St. Raymond Nonnatus.


The ways and means to carry out our mission is by practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.


As needed, we will walk with the family to achieve forgiveness and healing.


Foundation Team



Our Patron Saint - St. Raymond Nonnatus

Patron of Christian Families, Expectant Mothers and Pre-Born Babies, and those Falsely Accused

Feast Day – August 31st

Raymond, universally known as Nonnatus or not born due to his atypical birth, is the Mercedarian saint who achieved the greatest popularity among Christians in the places, kingdoms and nations where Mercedarians became established.


According to the most reliable Mercedarian tradition, Saint Raymond was born in the town of Portello, situated in the Segarra region of the Province of Lérida at the dawn of the thirteenth century. He was given the surname of Nonnatus or not born because he came into the world through an inspired and urgent incision which the Viscount of Cardona made with a dagger in the abdomen of the dead mother. In his adolescence and early youth, Raymond devoted himself to pasturing a flock of sheep in the vicinity of a Romanesque hermitage dedicated to Saint Nicholas where an image of the Virgin Mary was venerated. His devotion to the Holy Mother of Jesus started there.


He joined the Order of Mercy at a very early age. Father Francisco Zumel relates that young Raymond was a “student of the watchful first brother and Master of the Order, Peter Nolasco.” Therefore, Raymond was a redeemer of captives in Moorish lands. In a redemption which took place in Algiers, they had to stay behind as hostages. It was then that he endured the torment of having his lips sealed with an iron padlock to prevent him from addressing consoling words to Christian captives and from preaching the liberating good news of the Gospel. After he had been rescued by his Mercedarian brothers, Pope Gregory IX appointed him Cardinal of the Church of San Eustaquio. Summoned by the Supreme Pontiff, Raymond was on his way to Rome when he met death in the strong and rocky castle of Cardona in 1240. The Order of Mercy, the viscount and the city of Cardona were all arguing over his dead body, and where it should be buried, it was entrusted to Divine Providence on the harness of a blind mule. Without anyone leading it, the mule accompanied by a crowd trotted to Saint Nicholas hermitage where the venerable body was buried.





















Prayer for Christian Families

Lord, Father Almighty! The family is the most ancient institution of humanity, for it is as old as man himself. But because it is Thine own institution and the only means by which man can come into this world and develop to the greatest perfection, therefore the forces of evil are assaulting it, causing men to despise this basic unit of Christian civilization. In suicidal fury they seek to deal it a mortal blow. Let them not succeed, Lord, in their destructive designs on the Christian family.

Through the intercession of the glorious St. Raymond Nonnatus, pleader in heaven for the happiness, welfare, and peace of Christian families, we beg Thee to hear our prayers. By the merit of this great saint, our patron, grant that our homes may ever be modeled after the Holy Family of Nazareth. Let not the enemies of Christian family life triumph in their sacrilegious attacks, but rather convert them to the truth for the glory of Thy holy name. Amen.


What is the Meaning of Our Logo?

Our logo incorporates the symbols of the Mercedarian Shield and Our Patron Saint Raymond Nonnatus.

The symbols of the Mercedarian Shield are:

               • The cross pattée, or footed cross, which is the cross of the Cathedral of Barcelona where the Mercedarian Order was founded in 1218.

               • The Bars of Aragon, or the coat of arms of James the I of Aragon, which have come to symbolize the four vows of the Mercedarians: chastity, poverty,

                 obedience, and redemption (to give one’s life if necessary for those in danger of losing the faith from various forms of captivity).

               • The Royal Crown, also representative of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Queenship.


Due to the nature of his torture in captivity for the redemption of other captives, the padlock has become a symbol associated with Saint Raymond.

The Logo therefore, is an open padlock. In the place of the keyhole is the cross pattée, as Christ’s sacrifice unlocked for us the gates of heaven. The Bars of Aragon are at the side of the open padlock to represent the spirituality of the Mercedarian Family accompanying those freed from captivity. The bars are underneath the open shackle or shank of the padlock, which represents those freed helping others to be free, and the crown that represents the protection of Our Lady.



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Future Events Soon


Future Events Soon


The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy (or the Order of Mercy) is an international community of priests and brothers who live a life of prayer and communal fraternity. In addition to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, their members take a special fourth vow to give up their own selves for others whose faith is in danger. The Mercedarian Family also includes several feminine institutes of consecrated life, the Third Order and Lay Fraternity, as well as other sodalities and organizations.

Fr. Matthew Phelan, OdeM

Spiritual Moderator

St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation


Anne DeSantis


St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation


F. Michael Rock, OdeM

Vicar Provincial - Mercedarian

US Vicariate


David Wither

Board President



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Reflection:  November 2017


“After Divorce” Healing Day Retreat with Rose Sweet


The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation hosted it’s second event on Saturday, November 18th, 2017.  Rose Sweet, Catholic author and speaker came from California to spend a spirit-filled day with our group.  The day began with 8:30 a.m. Mass followed by breakfast foods in Nolasco Hall, our Church social hall.  A total of 21 people attended the event.  Men and women from both the Philadelphia area and as far as Baltimore, MD were with us that day.


Rose did her slide show with her own reflections along the way throughout the day.  It was a day of learning, a day of fellowship but most of all a day of healing.  Bringing together “divorced Catholics” to be together and talk openly during breaks and at lunch was a wonderful thing to observe.  Many of our attendees commented how welcome they felt in our presence and hearing the openness of Rose’s talk which brought peace to their hearts.


The day ended with Benediction by Father Matthew Phelan at 3 p.m. including a good homily and beautiful incense during the prayer time.  Father Michael Rock did the 4 p.m. Mass where many of the attendees stayed.  Comments on our magnificent Church and the wonderful Benediction and Mass were made by the people who came to our event.  We made many new friendships, and best of all the beginning of a new “community” for divorced Catholics has been established.  We are so blessed.  Please continue your prayers for the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation.




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